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Josh Hart is recruiting Austin Colbert to join him at Villanova

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In an interview with the National Recruiting Spotlight, 2013 Villanova commit Josh Hart again admitted that he was recruiting various players from his rolodex to join him on the Main Line, both in 2013 and beyond. Those players included recent Villanova target Austin Colbert from Gill St. Bernards High School in New Jersey. Hart played alongside Colbert at an elite basketball camp over the summer and the two, along with 2013 commit Kris Jenkins, appear to have hit it off.

According to the NRS interview:

"I'm just telling them what's going on with Villanova and how we'd raise the bar together. With Austin [Colbert], I was also recruited by Miami and Seton Hall and I'm just telling him how those are great coaching staffs, but no one is going to help him develop as a player and more importantly as a person as Villanova. They'll always be in your corner and they'll always be trustworthy. I tell him how coach Wright handles the program and how it's winning but it's also with a lot of character. With basketball, ‘Nova speaks for itself."

Hart believes that the Wildcats have a good chance to land the Team Final big man. Though he is also talking to Tyler Roberson about coming to the Main Line, he believes that Colbert is most likely to join him in this recruiting class.

Who do you think will be the next Villanova commit?

Hopefully it’s Austin. It would be me, him and Kris and all of us played on the same team at the Elite 100 last year. I’ve been talking to him the last couple of weeks and the visit Friday he took was definitely a big step. I think we have a pretty good chance. He has a great list of schools with Seton Hall, Illinois and Miami but Villanova is the best school in the country to go to because of the coaching staff, how high character they are and how they’re always going to be behind you. We have a really good shot at getting him because of our tradition and coaching staff.

The addition of Colbert would fill a more desperate need for height on the Villanova roster that will occur next year. In addition to the visit that he took last weekend for Hoops Mania, he is expected to return to campus sometime tomorrow for an official visit.