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Khadeen Carrington hopes to follow Pinkston

Brooklyn's Khadeen Carrington told reporters that he would love to follow JayVaughn Pinkston's footprints, and Villanova is the only Philadelphia school he'd consider.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Villanova is the only Philadelphia college that Brooklyn's Khadeen Carrington can see himself attending. The 6-3 combo guard from New York's Loughlin High School is a 2014 recruit who has been on Villanova's radar, though the 'Cats are reportedly yet to offer him a scholarship.

UConn has offered the 4-star talent, however, with new head coach Kevin Ollie stepping up to the plate last week. He reports offers from a laundry list of schools, Boston College, DePaul, Pittsburgh, Providence, SMU and West Virginia among them. Apparently though, Villanova stands out.

"JayVaughn Pinkston went to my school and then he went to Nova," Carrington told the Inquirer's Matt Breen. "I would probably like to do that."

If he did follow in Pinkston's footsteps, he would be the third Loughlin player to commit for Jay Wright's Wildcats -- Curtis Sumpter, now a member of the basketball staff, was also recruited out that school. Those connections to the program may help the 'Cats as their interest in the star continues.

Carrington, who was born in Trinidad, was almost going to follow the footsteps of his father into soccer when a local AAU coach talked him into trying out at age eight. He is now considered by some to be the New York area's top player, along with Isaiah Whitehead out of Lincoln.

He is a talented scoring guard who wasn't well known prior to last season's break-out.

"He's one of the best players in the city," Bishop Loughlin coach Ed Gonzalez told MSG Varsity. "This kid is a flat-out player. He can score at will, he's smart, he's a great kid and he's a sponge. He does what you tell him to do."