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Maalik Wayns may have passed Royal Ivey for Sixers backup point guard spot

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Per John Hollinger's twitter account:

That doesn't mean that Sixer's coach Doug Collins will use his backup point guard much, but it is a huge achievement for Wayns to have moved so quickly past Royal Ivey on the depth chart in camp. In the event of injury or foul trouble, Wayns would be the first choice to take on the task of running the NBA franchise's offense.

The Sixers have had nothing but good words for the undrafted guard out of Villanova.

"He gives us an added dimension of speed," Doug Collins told "He's a guy you can put in the game and all the sudden you can change the pace of the game, which I like. I like when guys have different roles, and he can definitely do that. He's tough, he's a good defender and our guys like him, he's earned their respect quickly."

He has been practicing with high intensity, according to his coaches and teammates and pushing starters Jrue Holliday and Evan Turner to play quicker, stronger and smarter. Collins is obviously fond of that as well as Wayns' speed and athleticism.