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Josh Hart: Villanova Didn't Negatively Recruit

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In his most recent public interview with Adam Zagoria, Josh Hart says yet again that Villanova was the only school who didn't use any sort of negative recruiting tactics. In this day and age of college athletics, that's very impressive, and refreshing, of Jay Wright and his staff.

Negative recruiting involves focusing on the perceived lack of something at another school, rather than focusing on what your own school has to offer. Here's what Hart had to say.

“Villanova, I really like the coaching staff,” Hart said. “They’re really great, really genuine. They are the only school that hasn’t negatively recruited during the whole recruiting process. That’s always a positive.”

”That’s one thing I definitely like about Villanova. They weren’t really too focused on what other people had; they were focused on what they had to offer me and that’s a great thing. That shows their character level.”

Hart saying that Villanova was the only staff not to utilize these tactics means that the staffs at Rutgers and Penn State (and perhaps Miami and Xavier), were using these tactics. Ironically, it may mean that they put themselves out of this recruitment with what many would consider to be shameful recruiting tactics.

Hart when on to talk about his relationship with current Wildcat Dylan Ennis, as well as his relationships with the coaching staffs at Rutgers and Penn State.

Josh Hart is planning to announce his college decision on Wednesday.