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CAA Roundup: All Up For Grabs With 1 Week Left

Another exiting season for the CAA comes to a close next weekend with the conference championship still there for the taking.

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

First off, sorry for the lack of standings and linkage. I'm on a plane to Dallas with just an iPad, but we will make this work. You can check the current CAA football standings here.

By my count, there are are still 4 teams with a shot at the title. Keep in mind Old Dominion is not eligible for the conference championship, but they will still be a factor this weekend. The tie breaking rules for the CAA are listed them below.

  1. Head-to-head competition. If three-or-more teams are involved in a tie and all have played each other, the win-loss percentage is computed using each team’s record against the tied teams as a group rather than individually.
  2. Win-loss percentage versus the highest-placed common opponents and proceeding down. When arriving at another set of tied teams while comparing records, use each team’s record against the tied teams as a group rather than individually.
  3. Jeff Sagarin "ELO_CHESS" computation that is used by the BCS. (Located on & Sagarin ratings page)

What is tricky here is ODU. The Monarchs aren't eligible to win the CAA title, but they do have a place in the standings for tiebreaker purposes. If New Hampshire loses, ODU will potentially become a factor in tiebreaker #2. Villanova has a win over ODU, and JMU will need to beat them in the final week to be a part of the tiebreaker group that would form if UNH loses.

New Hampshire - the other Wildcats have the clearest path to claim an outright title. They are one game clear of everybody else and by beating Towson at home they would be the undisputed champions. If they falter however, we move on to tiebreaker #1. In that scenario, UNH currently has a 1-0 record with Towson still to come.

Tied with Villanova, alone, for example, the tie would not be resolved in step-one (they didn't play head-to-head), so the league would go to step-two, where Villanova's win over Old Dominion would possibly be the deciding factor.

James Madison - The Dukes will need to win their final game at home against Old Dominion to stay in contention. In tiebreaker #1 they have a record of 1-2 with a must-win ODU game still to come.

Richmond - Richmond has a 2-1 record in tiebreaker #1 and their final game will not affect that, but they will need to win their final game to stay involved.

Towson - The Tigers are 1-1 if against the potential tiebreaker group. Their final game against UNH is the game of the weekend.

Villanova - Villanova owns a monster tie breaking win over ODU (for tiebreaker #2), but also lost to Richmond and Towson putting their record at 1-2.

So, this is a crazy weekend of football ahead, and not just for the CAA title but for playoff berths as well. The CAA currently has 5 playoff-eligible teams and Towson could make it 6 with a win.