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2013 Football Recruiting: Lincoln Collins Senior Highlights

Villanova football commit Lincoln Collins' senior season at BC High is over, and these are the highlights.

Lincoln Collins is a 2013 wide receiver from Boston College High School in Massachusetts. He was the first member of Villanova football's recruiting class to commit for 2013 back in July.

At the time, we wrote:

Checking in at 6-4 and 180lbs, Collins is another tall receiver that can use his size to beat smaller defensive backs, who could be deployed along with rising-junior Joe Price and incoming freshman Michael Burke. He has been a very strong downfield target and is considered one of the best rising senior receivers in Massachusetts.

"You see a lot of teams going to smaller receivers and here you have a kid who, at 6-4, is three or four more inches than most defensive backs and uses that height to his advantage," said former coach Jon Bartlett told the Boston Herald. "He’s a very coachable kid who just gets better and better every year."