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Wildcat wins a Land Rover while Hawk gets free books

This classic news clip sums up the "Holy War" rivalry between Villanova and St. Joes in terms of an average in-game promotional contest -- the half-court shot.

Villanova students are viewed as the spoiled children of wealthy Catholics in Philadelphia, while the students at St. Joseph's are generally viewed as having more blue-collar roots. The gulf between the two groups' background is likely much smaller than most think, but videos like the above serve to perpetuate the myths.

In 2003, a Villanova student landed a half-court shot to win a free lease on a brand new Land Rover SUV, sponsored by a local dealership. Around the same time, a St. Joe's student landed a half-court shot of his own, earning a semester's worth of free books.

The difference in value was worth thousands.