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UConn and Cincinnati discussing a new FBS conference

According to the Sporting News' Mike DeCourcy, UConn and Cincinnati, both spurned by others in conference realignment, are now kicking around the idea of forming an all-sports national conference. The league would include FBS schools with both strong football tradition and basketball success, and could include UConn, Cincinnati, South Florida, Memphis, Temple, Boise State, San Diego State, UNLV, New Mexico and BYU or Central Florida.

The league would have three teams with national championships in basketball (UConn, Cincy and UNLV) and two more with multiple appearances in the Final Four (Memphis and Temple), as well as three recent BCS bowl participants.

The league would split into divisions and encompass all sports. It won't quite be the old Big East in basketball prowess, but it would be a stronger basketball league than where the Big East had previously been heading. In football, it would comprise a "best of the rest" league that would likely be much stronger than the other FBS conferences without a contract with a BCS bowl game.

The Providence Journal's Kevin McNamara believes that this proposed league would potentially be a better basketball conference than the Catholic's league, especially by adding some of the best basketball/football schools in the West to combine with the remaining eastern brands. UConn and Cincinnati may have to offer up a Grant-of-rights to bind their TV rights to that league for a period of years in order to assuage the fears of the schools they would recruit.