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CoBL reporting Xavier and Butler "definitely" in

Our friends over at City of Basketball Love have been tracking all of the realignment news as closely as anyone in the business. Site founder Josh Verlin spoke to sources this weekend that confirmed an earlier report out of Milwaukee that both Xavier and Butler will definitely be joining the new league. Butler is thus-far the only non-Catholic University to be included in the conference.

According to CoBL:

Now, the seven "basketball-only" schools (those that play football so do in the former Division I-AA) have announced they'll be leaving to form their own conference, and source close to the decision has told CoBL that A-10 schools Butler and Xavier are "definitely" going to join them.

It was expected that there would be some additional schools brought on board to what should be an automatically-qualifying NCAA tournament conference, and there's still a good chance that other schools like St. Joseph's, La Salle, Saint Louis, Gonzaga or different Catholic institutions could be brought on board. With quite a few private Catholic institutions, there's a good chance the A-10 could be further poached even after Butler and Xavier.

Check out the article on CoBL for further analysis of the situation.