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Jay Wright Tweets to Fake Twitter Account


He's suave in style and he speaks with a politician's tongue. However, earlier on Monday, Villanova head coach Jay Wright sent the following tweet...

It was an amicable and friendly tweet sent to the supposed head coach of Delaware who Villanova defeated by ten points the day before.

The thing about it? The @RealCoachMonte twitter account isn't really Monte Ross.

The parody account (which follows @VUhoops) on Twitter throws out announcements like, "O b4 I fergette. Itza Friday game verses #PennQuakers" and pearls of wisdom such as, "cant spell the word 'EXPECTATIONS' without the words 'sex', 'snot', 'texas' and 'exception' . - Monte Ross."

I'm sorry Jay, it appears you've been Punk'd (or whatever the kids call it nowadays).

H/T: Fact on Villanova Sports Theatre