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Obi Enechionyia Receives Offer From Villanova

The 2014 Maryland native claims Jay Wright has offered him a scholarship.

Pat Lawless, creator of GiveNGoBasketball, says that 2014 Team Takeover member Obi Enechionyia claims an offer from Villanova. Enechionyia is rated 4 stars by Rivals, Scout and 247sports and 3 stars by ESPN.

Team Takeover is the AAU program from way back when the Doug Martin hire turned into a flaming pile of crap.

At 6'8" and roughly 220 pounds, Enechionyia fits the bill for what 'Nova is looking for in the coming recruiting classes. It's been talked about here often, but with Mouphtaou Yarou and Maurice Sutton both gone after this season and just Kris Jenkins and Josh Hart coming in next year, we're desperately low on big men.

While Enechionyia wouldn't bring immediate help, at this point Jay Wright can't offer too many frontcourt prospects.