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Corey Stokes Signs in Sweden

The Bayonne Bomber is taking his talents to Scandinavia.

Nick Laham

Former Villanova forward Corey Stokes has signed with the Swedish club LF Basket Norbotten.

The team is currently in 8th place in the Basketligan and is located in Luleå, a city of 46,000 on the coast in Northern Sweden. Under the name Plannja Basket the club has won seven League Championships since 1993.

A translation of the LF Basket Facebook page notes that the former Wildcat "should be a good scorer with a good trepoängsskytte."

After his time on the Main Line, Stokes played with Bayreuth in the German Bundesliga last season and spent time with Maine in the D-League.

He is currently en route to joining the team and is signed through the end of the season.