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Final: The Worst Villanova Game Ever

Villanova lost to South Florida tonight (and has now lost 3 straight against the former doormat of the conference). Does that make us the doormat?

- Maalik Wayns was out injured with a sprained MCL.

- The referees single-handedly took Mouphtaou Yarou out of the game with soft fouls while letting a war go on everywhere else.

- JayVaughn Pinkston was 1-13 from the field, was continually hacked all night, and got 1 foul called for him, when he was 20 feet from the basket.

- James Bell for all intents and purposes tried to injure an opponent, wasn't thrown out of the game, and Jay Wright kept him in for the remainder of it anyways.

That last one has me partially embarrassed to be a Villanova fan tonight.

This season if nothing else is a serious test of my fandom. Oh, and Big East refs? They all suck. Not just in Villanova games either. It's an embarassment to our proud basketball conference how much fun they've taken out of watching the game this year.