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Programming Note: TNB Heading To Philly

I wanted to give everyone a heads up that MOST of the TNB staff will be in Philadelphia for Saturday night's game against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish (who have inexplicably been incredible sans Tim Abromaitis this season).

We're going to be on campus, at Kelly's, mostly at Maloney's, and possibly even peaking into Erin's to see if it's in fact haunted during the day if you're around and want to find us and say hi.

Prior to the game, we'll be tailgating in Lot D of The Well where we'll have a couple of kegs and some food going. If you can find me, stop by and have a beer on me as a thank you for continually reading this blog and talking 'Nova hoops as we grind out the worst season since the Lappas era.

Hope to see some of you there!