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Princeton Romps Over Villanova 14-8

Villanova jumped out to an early lead in a Top-20 matchup at Villanova Stadium, but then got steamrolled by an impressive Princeton Tigers offense as they ended up getting routed 14-8 at home. A poor defensive effort was the main culprit, as Princeton was able to turn several turnovers directly into goals.

Despite the lack of offense, 'Nova found themselves down just 5-4 at halftime - and the second half is where things really got out of hand. Princeton's offense surged forward behind Jeff Fraccaro, who netted 6 goals on the night, and Villanova could never get closer than 3 goals the rest of the way.

Princeton midfielder Thomas Schreiber also scored 5 goals on the night, so it was pretty much a 2-man show for the Tigers, and 'Nova had no answer.

Villanova is back in action on Saint Patrick's Day this Saturday when they travel to College Park to take on #7 Maryland. Things don't get any easier, time to regroup.