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NCAA Lacrosse Rankings: After 2 Straight Losses, Villanova Falls Down Polls

The latest NCAA lacrosse rankings were released today, and after two straight losses (albeit against solid competition) to Princeton and Maryland, Villanov has fallen to 14th in the USILA Coaches Poll and to 15th in the Nike Poll.

Quint Kessinich dropped Villanova the farthest, all the way to 16th in his Top 20 poll. Here's what he had to say.

The 'Nova defense was shredded on Tuesday by Princeton's Tom Schreiber and again on Saturday in a lopsided loss to Maryland. CJ Small, Kevin Cunningham and Will Casertano are unselfish playmakers, but the Wildcats' defense is looking less and less like a unit that can play deep into May.

Hard to argue with that right now. Thoughts after a rough week everyone?