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Report: Maalik Wayns Will Not Return To Villanova, Will Stay In 2012 NBA Draft


Well, it appears as if this is going to be one of those bad news kind of weeks. Jeff Goodman is reporting that Maalik Wayns is through at Villanova, and will sign with an agent (reportedly Andy Miller) and forgo his final year at school.

Thinking back a week ago when it was originally announced that Maalik Wayns had entered his name into the 2012 NBA Draft, I noticed the following tweet from Leek. I chose to ignore it. I should not have done that and gotten my hopes up.

Or you know, this one.

Anyways, I still hope Wayns changes his mind and doesn't sign with an agent. We are in major trouble and right back in the same spot we were this season without him. Unfortunately, it looks like he is gone.

Best of luck Leek, it's been real, and thanks for the memories.