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2012 Big East Tournament: One Last Chance For Villanova

Saying this 2012 Villanova Wildcats season has been a disappointment would be a massive understatement. Most saw a rebuilding year coming as there were no seniors on the roster and a lot of "if player x steps ups.." talk, but nobody saw a 20-loss season coming. It's still unfathomable to think about even though unless we refuse a potential bid a potential bid to a postseason tournament, or win a postseason tournament, we'll hit that mark.

And yet this week I find myself in a somewhat positive attitude heading into the Big East Tournament as an unprecedented (in the Jay Wright era at least) #14 seed. Perhaps it's the magic of Madison Square Garden, or memories of players like Gerry McNamara and Kemba Walker taking over The Garden for 4 or 5 straight days. Whatever it is, I've got a rosy outlook.

And that is not to say that I believe Maalik Wayns can reach the levels of Gerry and Kemba (though I pray he can), or that Villanova can even make it to Friday or Saturday night. But looking at the bracket that we've drawn, I wouldn't call you crazy to suggest that Villanova could possibly take a game or two.

They've already beaten Rutgers, at The RAC, and although South Florida has pounded them twice this season, you might say that they are the least-feared team/program on Wednesday that 'Nova could have potentially drawn.

And god-willing, let's say they win a couple of games. Who waits on Thursday? None other than Notre Dame, who Villanova led by 20 at one point this season. Between the Bulls (3-game losing streak) and the Fighting Irish, that's a couple of demons that I'm sure Jay Wright and the rest of the team would love to exercise.

As improbable as a Big East Tournament run is for Villanova, we've seen the crazy happen before in this oh-so-great week of basketball. I'll be excited, and I'll be watching, and hell, I'll probably be hopeful. Because that's what fans do, and that's what makes this week so great. You can throw out the season - you've got one last chance.