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Temple's In The Big East, And That Was The Weirdest Press Conference Ever

The Big East's press conference to admit Temple just wrapped up at Madison Square Garden, and I can't help but smile at the potential this entire situation brings if the introductory press conference is any indication. It all started with the moderator announcing Judy Genshaft (why was she there?) as the President of the University of Florida (a place that doesn't exist), and only picked up steam from there.

Here's a quick breakdown of what each person said, or at least what I think they said. I kind of was going in and out laughing.

Big East Commissioner John Marinatto

A complete stroking of Villanova being instrumental to the process of getting Temple into the conference. Says Villanova initiated the motion to bring Temple aboard (yeah, right). Can't tell us enough how great Villanova is. Says that it couldn't have been done with Villanova. Throws around a lot of stats about market-share and television audiences. Wants to know where the sandwiches are.

South Florida President Judy Genshaft

Not sure she knows that this is a Temple press conference. Pretty much talks about Villanova the entire time and stares at Father Donohue like he's an actual God. Clearly just happy to be there.

Villanova President Father Peter Donohue

Continues to stroke Villanova, saying how great of a conference member they are. Says he's excited to bring the Temple-Villanova rivalry to a whole new level. Says that the Big East has made a commitment to Villanova to help them explore the possibility of FBS football.

Temple Trustee Lewis Katz

Pretty sure he's drunk. He has no notes like everyone else does. Talking about whatever he wants, and then some. Doesn't thank Villanova. I hate this guy, but I love this guy. Takes multiple pot-shots at Villanova's FCS football program. He also says that if Villanova ever wants to come to Big East for football, Temple is 100% behind it. Odds he was at Stout 5 minutes before this thing started are 5/2.

Temple Athletic Director Bill Bradshaw

Very thankful to everyone, and every excited to come to the Big East. Thanks Villanova a bunch. Says that they cannot wait to get started. Very classy, but didn't say too much. Or maybe it was just because he followed Katz and there was no way he was upstaging that.

Temple Football Coach Steve Addazio

Also completely off the script. Clearly had a red bull before he got on stage. Very excited, almost too excited. I feel like if somebody had asked a question he didn't like he would have form-tackled them. I love Addazio (close family friend) and am happy he's in the Big East. He's a good coach, but I worry that he is using Temple as a stepping-stone to the next job.

The big takeaways:

- Villanova is still exploring the Big East. The Big East has hired consultants to help figure out how Villanova and Temple will co-exist in the same conference.

- Temple would completely support Villanova joining the Big East in football.

- Lewis Katz is diabolical, and we should keep an eye on his movements.