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Villanova Basketball Award Winners Announced

Villanova sent out a press release announcing the winners of their annual awards, which are going to be awarded at the team's postseason banquet. Juniors Maalik Wayns, Maurice Sutton and Mouphtaou Yarou along with sophomore James Bell and Dallas Ouano all will receive an award at the banquet.

Yarou will receive the Villanova Basketball Award, presented annually to the player who best embodies Villanova basketball.

Wayns will receive the 2012 Most Outstanding Player Award.

Bell will receive the Jake Nevin Award, presented annually to the player whose selflessness provided an outstanding example to his teammates.

Ouano will receive the Alexander Severance Award, presented annually to the player whose hard work and dedication in the classroom demonstrated a commitment to reach his full potential.

Sutton will receive the Paul Arizin Award, given annually to the player who shows the most improvement over the course of the season.

More alumni-based awards after The Jump.

Alvin Williams and Jon Haynes (Alumni Appreciation Award)

Pat McMahon (Joseph Walters Special Recognition Award)

Tommy Massimino (Teresa & Joseph J. Martini Endowed Scholarship in Honor of Randy Foye)

Austin Touey (Christopher M. Dincuff Award)

Kathy Mongiello and Associate Dean Linda German (Nova Nation Award)

What are everyone's thoughts on the awards that will be handed out tonight?