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Thursday Morning Cup Of Mud: Villanova Wildcats News And Links, July 26, 2012

Ty Johnson looks like he's ready to lead the Villanova backcourt. Or at least he's talking like it.
Ty Johnson looks like he's ready to lead the Villanova backcourt. Or at least he's talking like it.

Welcome back to the Morning Cup Of Mud! I'll be bringing this back on a daily basis during the week to keep you up to date on what is happening in the Villanova world and we'll be throwing some bonus coverage from around SB Nation as well. I think it's important to introduce you to as many of the great communities that we have so that you can taunt interact with other fanbases.

Speaking of great communities, you may have noticed a familiar blogger posting some solid preseason Villanova football coverage yesterday. Big news coming on that front. Stay tuned.

On to the news!

Nova’s Johnson steps into the spotlight | City of Basketball Love
A lot of boiler plate stuff in here about forgetting about last season, it's a new group of guys, yada yada yada, but hey, I'm just happy we're talking basketball again. Between Ty Johnson, Tony Chennault and Ryan Arcidiacono we should have a pretty good backcourt. At least on paper.

Phil Booth Has Schools In Hot Pursuit As ’14 G Impresses In July | NBE Basketball Report
NBE ranks the 6'2" guard #34 in their current Top 40 of 2014, and he looks to be one of the top scorers in his class. I don't like seeing that Georgetown is the most active in his recruitment, but Villanova has reportedly offered and is involved. He's one to keep an eye on.

Will Sheridan - Blind (Official Music Video) | YouTube
Will Sheridan has a new music video out for his single "Blind" - and there's a Mike Nardi cameo! I've been a big fan of Will's work since he started his music career and this is another great song. Make sure you're following him on Twitter for all the latest.

Some things from around SB Nation after The Jump.

Buzz Williams + Lacrosse = The Humanity! | College Crosse
Marquette is joining the lacrosse ranks and Buzz Williams appears very happy about it. I'd like to think Jay Wright would have better form than this. Actually I'd like to think he's on the recruiting trail, so we don't have to endure last season again.

College Basketball's Ten Biggest Breakout Stars For 2012-13 |
Wayne Blackshear from Louisville is a name I would have expected to see on this list. C.J. Aiken is not. Not because he isn't good (he is), but because I'm not sure St. Joseph's (PA) gets enough coverage for anybody to notice.