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A New Chapter for VU Hoops

So, maybe you didn't see the tweet. Or see the note on Facebook...

VU Hoops has joined up with The Nova Blog and is now officially a part of SB Nation. It's a new chapter and a move that now combines two strong Villanova communities into one. With support of the SB Nation platform and the cooperation of the SBN blogging network look forward to greater site stability (no more "Site Down" messages when you come to and increased content.

As we build & enhance the new community we have some exciting ideas and plans for our readers as we grow- so look forward to that.

If you are new to SB Nation, we know there may be a learning curve for the new format. Please bear with all of us as we go through the growing pains and complete the migration. But the payoff will be great; we will have more writers (including some upcoming guests), a larger community, and more content for the most fanatic Villanova fan.

So click around, register, and tell us your thoughts and ideas!

Welcome to our new home.

The Staff at VU Hoops!

Pops (jhulax22), Chris, Ed, Brian, & Mike