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New 'Nova Assistant Coach Doug Martin's Resume Under Investigation

8/11 Update - Brian Ewart:

The matter is currently in the hands of Villanova's human resources department. The University is unlikely to make any pronouncements on the matter this weekend.

When reached for comment on the matter, Villanova SID Dean Kennefick told VUhoops simply:

"We are aware of the report regarding Doug Martin. We are currently looking into the situation. I will let you know if there is anything further to report."

The question for HR is likely a matter of the degree of the embellishment and the appropriate response & course of action.

According to reports, the issue was primarily related to the biography submitted to the University for its press release and athletics web site, though the UW-Green Bay information also appeared on Martin's bio elsewhere and on LinkedIn. There has not yet been an indication that an actual resume was submitted to Jay Wright or anyone else at Villanova that contained false claims (and it is possible that he did not submit one prior to being hired).

Messages left for various parties connected to the matter have not yet been returned to clarify these issues.

Original Post:

Less than a week after being hired by Villanova as an assistant coach on the men's basketball team, Doug Martin's resume has come under scrutiny by the University. The credentials in question relate to his playing career, specifically Martin's resume stating that he had played college basketball at UW-Green Bay for Coach Dick Bennett from 1991-1995.

UW-Green Bay's Director of Athletic Communications has no record of a Doug Martin on the roster during those years. Former UW-GB captain and star Jeff Nordgaard also confirmed he never played with anybody by the name of Doug Martin during that timeframe.

Doug Martin's LinkedIn profile, which contained all of the information that is currently under investigation, has since been deleted.

Jay Wright has confirmed that he is aware of the investigation and Martin has yet to return any phones calls to inquire about the situation.

Stay tuned to VU Hoops for the latest information as this story develops.