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Clancy Lowry Ventures LLC, Co-Owned by Kyle Lowry, Debuts FAMJUICE in Philly

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Former Villanova guard Kyle Lowry not only plays in the NBA, but he also is a co-owner of Clancy Lowry Ventures, LLC along with longtime friend Rick Clancy. Recently, they debuted FAMJUICE in the Philadelphia area. From the FAMJUICE website:

FAMJUICE is brought to you by Clancy Lowry Ventures, LLC, a newly formed company owned by Rick Clancy. Clancy...realized a need in the communities he served, for a high quality and flavorful line of beverages that was reasonably priced. Clancy Lowry Ventures has teamed up with Jack and distribute the FAMJUICE line of beverages in the Philadelphia area.

On August 6th, Lowry gave a $5,000 gift on behalf of FAMJUICE to the 100 Black Men of African-American History Challenge. This donation helped send 3 students to the competition in Atlanta, Georgia.