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Ray and Sumpter to Take Part in The Basketball Alumni Legends League Games at Hagan Arena

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On Sunday August 5th, 2012, the Basketball Alumni Legends League (The BALL) will debut at Hagan Arena in Philadelphia. For those who haven't heard of The BALL:

"The-BALL started as a simple idea to form a new professional basketball league that would feature former college stars playing in the college communities where they already have local fame and a major following. The hypothesis was that college basketball fans would come out to see their favorite players from recent graduating classes competing for a local professional team (equivalent to the AAA-level in pro baseball) and that former college players would appreciate the opportunity to play in familiar territory, gain valuable exposure and training, and get paid a salary during the off-season."

Two former Villanova greats, Allan Ray and Curtis Sumpter, will be suiting up for the Philly squad on Sunday night as they take on a Washington D.C. team, which features alums from schools like Georgetown and Maryland. In addition, Villanova product Alvin Williams is the coach for the Philly team.

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The D.C. squad will also host a home game at George Washington University's arena on Saturday afternoon (4 p.m.).

Tip off on Sunday will be at 8 PM at Hagan Arena on the campus of St. Joseph's University and the game will be broadcast on Comcast SportsNet. Current college students can get in for free by showing a valid university school ID. Team rosters for this event are below.

VUhoops will have Chris Fujimoto (@ChrisFuj) at the Philadelphia event to provide coverage of what will be Curtis Sumpter's last professional game. Follow him on Twitter for live updates and check back here after the game for the full story.

WASHINGTON D.C. Head Coach: Johnny Newman
Player School Position Height Weight Class Age
Chris Monroe George Washington Wing 6’3″ 222 2003 31
Tony Taylor George Washington Point Guard 6’1″ 191 2012 21
Jason Clark Georgetown Wing 6’2″ 180 2012 22
Austin Freeman Georgetown Wing 6’3″ 218 2011 23
Henry Sims Georgetown Big 6’10″ 245 2012 22
Chris Wright Georgetown Point Guard 6’1″ 202 2011 22
John Gilchrist Maryland Point Guard 6’2″ 194 2005 28
James Gist Maryland Big 6’9″ 231 2008 25
D.J. Strawberry Maryland Wing 6’5″ 205 2007 27
Folarin Campbell George Mason Wing 6’5″ 205 2008 26
Jai Lewis George Mason Big 6’7″ 290 2006 29
Will Thomas George Mason Big 6’8″ 220 2008 26
PHILADELPHIA Head Coach: Alvin Williams
Player School Position Height Weight Class Age
Allan Ray Villanova Wing 6’2″ 190 2006 28
Curtis Sumpter Villanova Wing/Big 6’7″ 225 2007 28
Tasheed Carr Saint Joseph’s Point Guard 6’4″ 215 2009 26
Pat Carroll Saint Joseph’s Wing 6’5″ 190 2005 29
Dwayne Jones Saint Joseph’s Big 6’11″ 249 2005 29
Ryan Brooks Temple Wing 6’4″ 200 2010 24
Dionte Christmas Temple Wing 6’5″ 205 2009 25
Ramone Moore Temple Wing 6’4″ 190 2012 23
Dustin Salisbery Temple Wing 6’5″ 205 2007 27
Mark Tyndale Temple Wing 6’5″ 210 2008 26
Rodney Green La Salle Point Guard 6’5″ 205 2010 24
Frank Elegar Drexel Big 6’9″ 225 2008 25