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REPORT: UConn's Jim Calhoun To Retire

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This just in from The UConn Blog... sources close to the situation are noting that UConn Head Coach Jim Calhoun's retirement is "imminent".

If my counting is correct, Calhoun had a 26-17 record against Villanova since he took the helm of the Storrs school in 1986.

His assistant coach, Kevin Ollie is expected to take over the program this season, either on an interim or permanent basis. It is not known which, but it is believed that UConn AD Warde Manuel would prefer not to commit to hiring Ollie permanently at this point.

The Huskies had low-expectations this season after the NCAA and Big East banned them from the postseason for posting below-par APR scores. The program has since rebounded in its academic performance, but the ban has stood through appeals.

WIth Calhoun retiring and Jim Boeheim heading to the ACC, Jay Wright and Rick Pitino now share the honor of being the Big East's longest-tenured head coaches.