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Tyler Roberson Trims List To Six

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Elite 2013 basketball recruit Tyler Roberson cut his list of schools he is considering to six, including Villanova, Kansas, SMU, Kentucky, Syracuse and Rutgers.

Brian Ewart|VUhoops

Tyler Roberson said he would cut his college list down to five on Sunday night after having coaches visit with him and his family at his home. Villanova went to visit Roberson on Sunday morning, and it appears that they made enough of an impression to stay in the picture for the 2013 forward, and to earn an official visit from him.

Writing on, Roberson wrote:

Today was the last day of my home visits. I was originally going to cut my list to five schools but decided to keep six.

The six schools that I have decided to keep are Kansas, SMU, Kentucky, Rutgers, Syracuse and Villanova.

I am taking an official visit to every school but Rutgers. Me and my family will be taking a visit to Rutgers but it is going to be a unofficial since the school is close.

He gave a short blurb about each of the schools, noting that his visit with Rutgers' Mike Rice was "probably the best of them all." Larry Brown pitched him on becoming part of something he's building at SMU and promising to make him a better player. For Kansas and Kentucky, it was at least partially about the history of winning at those programs.

About Villanova, he wrote:

Villanova: I had a in home visit with Villanova today it went well Coach [Jay] Wright talked a lot about the basketball program and how the school isn't too far away from home.

The race to land Roberson isn't over. He has scheduled visits for SMU, Syracuse and Kansas already for late September and early October, but hasn't scheduled anything for Kentucky or Villanova yet. It would appear that the three schools that have scheduled visits already would be his clubhouse leaders right now, but things can change until the process is over.

Roberson won't be attending Kentucky's annual Big Blue Madness event on October 12, since that is when he is expected to visit Kansas. Villanova's hoops mania is scheduled for October 26, however, and Wright will likely make an effort to get him on campus that weekend.