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Jordan thinking about staying at home

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Top Philadelphia guard Rysheed Jordan is considering staying at home for college as he schedules an official visit with Syracuse. Both Villanova and Temple have been involved in his recruitment.

Rysheed Jordan's recruitment is destined to be a rollercoaster ride for anyone following it. He has so much interest coming at him from all sides that it could be a while before he finally commits to a school. He reportedly cut his list of schools down to five a few weeks ago, but things change fast, and it seems that some of the schools he removed are back in the picture already -- including Villanova.

According to an interview with's Matt Breen, Jordan might be interested in staying home in the Philadelphia area for college.

"It might be a good choice for me," Jordan told the website's Rally Blog. "All my fans from Philly will come watch me play."

If he does stay home, he will have a choice between Villanova and Temple and either one will be a Big East member when Jordan enrolls. Temple has long seemed like a favorite for Jordan, but his recruitment seems to remain wide open, with bigger names trying to woo him.

He had an official visit to UCLA scheduled for this weekend but had to cancel it due to a family illness, and he has scheduled a visit to Syracuse on October 12th. He also recently took a visit to St. John's, which he reported went well.

He is going to take his time deciding, and according to some reports, he might hold off on signing anywhere until the spring period.

Villanova's chances at landing the elite local product aren't believed to be very high, but never say never in recruiting. Few would have expected North Carolinian Allerik Freeman to commit to UCLA, certainly not after cutting his list to Villanova and Kansas and then flirting with Duke, but the Bruins managed to lock him up on a visit this summer. Jordan is just as wide open right now as Freeman was this summer.

The Big East brand is still a valuable asset to both Philadelphia schools. With Reggie Cameron choosing Georgetown recently, the Big East members have commitments from 16 players ranked in the top 115 prospects by That is 22 percent of all of the top-115 prospects who have already committed to schools. Recruits aren't worried about the quality of the league a year or two from now -- Big East basketball remains a strong brand in their eyes, it seems.

If the league is able to sign a great television deal for basketball, it will help to maintain that image of the Big East as big time.