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Men's Soccer Moves To 3-0 After Win Over Colgate

(Editor's Note: I'm totally aware I'm 3-4 days late on this. I blame Labor Day weekend barbeques. I'll do better in the future)

If you're looking for a 'Nova team to follow this fall other than the football program, look no further than the men's soccer team, who just moved to 3-0 on the season after a 1-0 victory over Colgate this past weekend. While goals were aplenty in the opening 2 contests, this one was a throwback to the 2011 season where 'Nova utilized a strong defense to get the win.

Early on though it was more of the same for Villanova, as they were able to get on the board in the 2nd minute off of, you guessed it, another set piece. Sean Sheridan, who assisted Kyle Soroka on the opening goal of the Stony Brook victory, this time played a ball in the box that Will Cason got on the end of to nod in the only goal of the match.

"Sean played a great ball in and Will was able to get up and knock it inside the post," stated Carlin. "It's always good to get that first goal. It kind of allows you to take a deep breath, especially on the road."

From there, it was a seesaw battle which saw each team control stretches of the game, but neither team was able to register a serious scoring threat. All in all, a hard fought victory and one that shows the maturity and growth of this squad.

Villanova will now have a stretch of 7 straight games in the Philadelphia area to look forward to after recording 2 early season road victories. They will travel to Penn Park this weekend to take on Hartford at 7:00 pm ET on Friday night, and then return to Penn Park on Sunday at 1:00 pm ET to take on Air Force.


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