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NCAA Tournament: Ryan Arcidiacono Quotes


Following today's practice section, Villanova's freshman point guard Ryan Arcidiacono talked with the media. Here are some of his quotes.

On guarding North Carolina's three-point shooters:

They definitely shoot the ball well. In practice earlier today we were working on it, that's what we've been trying to do these past couple days, just trying to get better at defending the three‑point line.
It's not like we've tried to change anything. We're going to stick to what we do, do what we do better, defend that three‑point line that much better than we did before.

On the 2005 UNC-Villanova meeting:

I kind of have been a Villanova fan my whole life, so I'm pretty familiar with them both. I just remember Allen Ray's walk, I think that's the call you're talking about. Just the '09 game in the Final Four was a tough one. North Carolina had four or five NBA players on their team, so they were a tough team.

What's it like to be here growing up as a Villanova fan and being in Kansas City now as a player?

Yeah, it's been pretty crazy. Like I said before, I was growing up always watching Villanova basketball. To be here now, it's just been unreal. To think it's only my first year, hopefully there's a couple more years to come. Hopefully I can continue the success that the previous guards have had and just try to work on my game to get better, to try to be like them.