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NCAA Tournament: James Bell Quotes


Villanova Junior James Bell spoke with the media in Kansas City today to answer questions following the Wildcats' practice session.

On Consistency:

We try to focus on what we do as a team and sticking to our core values. Some of those losses that you wouldn't think we would have is from not executing what we do well enough to get the job done.

With our inconsistencies, that's what we try to focus on, not letting that happen, playing together, playing off of each other.

If we do that, we believe we'll be successful.

How to handle North Carolina's tall, 3-point shooters:

They have great guard play. The two guards you're talking about are P.J. Hairston, Reggie Bullock. Great shooters, great defenders.

Like you said, me, Darrun, the rest of the guards, we got great responsibility. But at the end of the day, it just falls on just doing what we do, like we say. We're going to repeatedly say, we just got to focus on the little things: staying in the stance, jumping to the ball, being aware of who we're guarding.

It's just a matter of not letting them play harder than us.

The mindset Villanova needs to win games:

I feel like we can't just be happy we're here. It's an honor to be here, but we've got to focus on the game.

By the game, we have to focus on playing how we're capable of playing and to the level that we're capable of playing to.

We just have to stick to what we do. I mean, it sounds simple, but it's very complicated. It's a big task for us.

Ryan has come in from the first day and attacked everything we do. He has a big heart, listening well. He's willing to do whatever it takes.

As a Villanova basketball player, that's what you have to be willing to do, all the tough things. You have to be mentally tough, physically tough, and just understand what this is. It's bigger than the game of basketball. I think as a freshman, he gets that.

It's something that's not easy to do, and not many freshmen at Villanova do it. When you come in with a mindset like he has, it's easy to do.