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NCAA Tournament: Mouphtaou Yarou Quotes


The media got to talk with Villanova senior Mouphtaou Yarou on thursday afternoon following the Wildcats' practice session at the Sprint Center in Kansas City.

On Villanova's 2005 loss to North Carolina:

I watched the game against North Carolina in '09, the Final Four. I don't remember the '05 one. I wasn't here yet.

But we don't really worry about that. We all focus on the next game. We try and get better as a team, keep doing what we do, like James and Ryan said.

His mindset to not just be happy in the NCAA Tournament, but to win games:

I think we struggled a lot at the beginning of the year. Nobody on the team quit. We stay together. We kept listening to Coach Wright, the other coaches, keep working hard.

After that, we beat, like, three top‑10 teams. That's the same thing we're going to keep doing: focus, playing efficient, doing what we do, playing Villanova basketball, enjoy. If we win, we win.

On Ryan A. growing up a Nova fan:

I think he said he was a Villanova fan all his life, so he saw Scottie play, he saw Corey Fisher play. He came in with the same mindset. He's playing like a senior. I enjoy playing with him. He's doing a great job.