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VU Hoops Bracket Challenge: Elite 8 Update


As Louisville, Duke, Wichita State, Ohio State, Michigan, Florida, Syracuse, and Marquette reached the Elite 8 we're going to take a look at the VU Hoops Bracket Challenge, where the winner will take home a $50 gift card to Football Fanatics.

Currently Jack, and his bracket '708 Dominance' is in first place. He has a final four of Louisville, Gonzaga, Georgetown, and Marquette. With Gonzaga over Georgetown in the Final.

Second place sees a two-way tie...

JSW and his 'COMENEEEEEYEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAA' bracket has Louisville, Miami, Georgetown, and New Mexico in his Final Four, with Louisville beating Miami in the Final.

WillM and his creatively named "Willm's Bracket" has Louisville, Ohio St., Georgetown, and Indiana in his Final Four. And Indiana defeating Ohio St. in the Championship.

At this point, running a few scenarios other folks have chances to win, including 'Matt's Definitive Bracket' and 'Jay Wright's Inbounds'.