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VU Hoops Bracket Challenge: Final Four Update


As Louisville, Wichita State, Ohio State, and Syracuse reached the Final Four we're going to take a look at the VU Hoops Bracket Challenge, where the winner will take home a $50 gift card to Football Fanatics.

With the Cardinals taking on the Shockers in one national semifinal and the Orange facing the Wolverines in the other, 8 scenarios exist.

In short, if Syracuse makes the final, but loses, Nick's Bracket wins. If Michigan makes the final, but loses, It's all Nova wins. Should Syracuse win the National Championship, Jog9601 will take the prize. If Big Blue wins on Monday, What's Cooking 'Chef? will be the Challenge Winner.

Here are the possible outcomes and VU Hoops Bracket Challenge winner for each.

National Champion
Runner Up Challenge Winner!
Louisville Over Syracuse Nick's Bracket
Louisville Over Michigan It's All Nova
Wichita St Over Michigan It's All Nova
Wichita St Over Syracuse Nick's Bracket
Syracuse Over Wichita St Jog9601
Syracuse Over Louisville Jog9601
Michigan Over Louisville What's Cooking 'Chef?
Michigan Over Wichita St What's Cooking 'Chef?