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Prowling The Roster: #89 Garrett Waller

We're counting down the days to Villanova's season opener by profiling every player on the roster.

#89 Garrett Waller

Senior, 5'9" 155 lbs.

Tulsa, OK

2012 Stats: Waller did not see any action for Villanova in the 2012 season.

Depth Chart Position: A practice squad player who will help simulate the opposition's offense for the Villanova defense.

How He Came To Villanova: An All-State two-way performer for Cascia Hall, Waller hadn't planned on joining the Villanova football team, instead hoping to focus on prepping for a medical career.

Expected Output In 2013: Villanova's WR ranks are pretty green, but likely not green enough for Waller to see action on offense. Keep up the good work in practice, and find a way to contribute on special teams - the defensive record in high school indicates he's got a knack for some big plays.