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Prowling The Roster: #97 Doug Turrell

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We're counting down the days to Villanova's season opener by profiling every player on the roster.

#97 TE Doug Turrell

Sophomore, 6'4" 285 lbs.

Orefield, PA

2012 Stats: As a freshman, Turrell saw limited playing time.

Depth Chart Position: Turrell switched positions from OT to TE during the offseason, and is behind Earnest Pettway and Morgan Craig on the depth chart.

How He Came To Villanova: Turrell entered the program as a walk-on after not being a part of the 2012 signing class, and has since switched positions from offensive line to tight end, a switch that shows the athleticism the coaching staff believes he possesses.

Expected Output In 2013: If Pettway misses any time, Craig should be ready to step up full time and Connor Cuccinelli is another option for Turrell to compete with. Don't expect to see him on the field this fall unless it's in an emergency.

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