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Prowling The Roster: #79 Brad Seaton

We're counting down the days to Villanova's season opener by profiling every player on the roster.

#79 OL Brad Seaton

Sophomore, 6'8" 270 lbs.

The Bronx, NY

2012 Stats: Seaton did not see action during his freshman campaign, but participated on scout team duties.

Depth Chart Position: Seaton is not currently projected on the Villanova two-deep, competing with Jake Prus and Doug Turrell for primary backup responsibility.

How He Came To Villanova: Seaton graduated from The Brunswick School in Greenwich, CT where he logged just 3 years of competitive football. Still, the athletic Seaton impressed Villanova coaches enough with his upside to earn an offer. He played both offensive and defensive line in college, but has been pegged for offensive tackle at 'Nova.

Expected Output In 2013: Villanova's offensive line should be one of the strongest points of the team, and there's pretty good depth as well. It would be a surprise to see Seaton on the field with the offense this fall, but his athleticism (and the fact that he's already effectively redshirted) could find him on special teams duties, such as kick return.