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Prowling The Roster: #25 TE Connor Cuccinelli

We're counting down the days to Villanova's season opener by profiling every player on the roster.

#25 TE Connor Cuccinelli

Freshman, 6'5" 220 lbs.

Rutherford, NJ

2012 Stats: Cuccinelli was plying his trade at WR for St. Mary's High School in New Jersey.

Depth Chart Position: Earnest Pettway is the entrenched starter and Morgan Craig should see plenty of time as well. Having played WR in high school, Cuccinelli will likely spend the season on the sidelines in learning mode unless he is pressed into action.

How He Came To Villanova: Cuccinelli was one of the top prep receivers in New Jersey and getting major interest before he suffered a broken right femur during the 2011 season. The metal rod he had to have inserted into his leg killed most of his recruiting momentum. Cuccinelli settled on Villanova, joining as a preferred walk-on.

Expected Output In 2013: Pettway and Craig represent two very good tight ends with the requisite experience, and Tanoh Kpassagnon has spent last season doing what Cuccinelli will likely do this season - learning. Cucinnelli's experience as a WR should come in handy in the red zone in the coming years. His upside as a big-time threat at TE is undeniable.