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Ed Pinckney named one of 75 Greatest NCAA Basketball players

The NCAA released a table showing some of the greatest players over 75 years of the NCAA Tournament, a list that features one Villanova legend -- Ed Pinckney.

In 1985, Ed Pinckney was instrumental in taking the Villanova Wildcats from the number-8 seed in the newly-expanded NCAA Tournament bracket, all the way to national championship glory. He was named Most-Outstanding Player of that tournament for his efforts throughout the 'Cats run, but specifically for his work matching up with Georgetown's super-center, Patrick Ewing.

Notably absent from the NCAA's list is fellow Villanova big man, Howard Porter. Porter was one of very few players to be named Most Outstanding Player for a tournament without being on a title-winning team, after his Wildcats fell just short of upsetting John Wooden's UCLA. Porter's MOP award, and Villanova's 1971 Final Four appearance were vacated later by the NCAA after it was discovered that he had signed a contract with the ABA prior to the games -- a fact that appears to have denied him a spot on the NCAA's list.

Paul Arizin, arguably Villanova's greatest player of all-time, appeared in only the 1949 NCAA Tournament, falling to Kentucky in the first round.

NCAA 75 Years Of March Madness – Top 75 Basketball Players of All Time – An Infographic By Evoke

What are your thoughts on the list?