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Villanova "White-Out" planned for Syracuse game

If you're a Nova fan, make sure you're in white on Saturday

Villanova Students are planning a White-Out for Saturday's game at the Wells Fargo Center against #3 Syracuse.

The shirts are only $10 and can be picked up at the game.

Order yours' now and be a part of the White-Out!

Buy Tickets Now!

UPDATE: By now you might've heard: Saturday morning's game against Syracuse at the Wells Fargo Center is a whiteout.

T-shirts are being sold in the Jake Nevin Field House from 10AM - 4PM for $5, but supplies are limited. You can also buy them online with a slightly different graphic for $10 (see link above), and then pick them up at the game. If you choose not to buy one, wear a white shirt of your own on Saturday to show your support for Villanova!

Some people seem to be bent out of shape because these t-shirts aren't free (including Brian). So here's the full disclosure: A few students from SGA and the Augustinian Army came together with the Athletics Department to put this together in record time during our winter break. We started selling t-shirts 2 weeks after the whiteout's inception. The shirts were produced for roughly $4.39 each, so we're selling the shirts for as little profit as logistically possible. Finding a sponsor and giving the shirts to students for free will be our goal next time, but given the conditions I think we did pretty well.

Now let's see if Nova can get its second upset of the week, eh?

UPDATE: The t-shirts at Nevin are sold out, so buy online with the above link if you still want one.

P.S. Tom Mogan in Student Life deserves a big thank you, as well as Chris Evans in Athletics. If any of you in the audience would like to sponsor the next whiteout, please send me an email at Also, feel free to join the Facebook group.