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Former 'Nova coach Justus Galac now Jets' chief of Strength and Conditioning

Justus Galac's career started as a graduate assistant on Andy Talley's staff, but after a brief stint there in the mid-2000s, the team asked him to move over to Strength and Conditioning, where he learned to shine.

Justus Galac was a beloved Strength and Conditioning coach for Villanova's football program until leaving to pursue an opportunity with the NFL's New York Jets a little under a year ago. At that time, Galac had been credited with building the bodies and athletes that drove the Main Line program to new heights in 2009, capturing the FCS National Championship.

In 2010 he was named the Samson FCS Strength & Conditioning Coach of the Year, and his reputation was growing big enough that the Jets took notice. He was hired as an assistant strength and conditioning coach in January 2012.

Now, Galac has been handed the keys in Florham Park, taking on the new title of Head of Strength and Conditioning, replacing Bill Hughan. In addition to building stronger and faster bodies for the Jets, Galac will be charged with building more durable frames that are less susceptible to some of the season-ending injuries that the team had been plagued with.

"He’s the guy who helps those guys become what they become." Villanova's Andy Talley said of Galac a year ago. "He’s developed a lot of these kids physically over the time he’s been with us, from scrappy 165-pound running back to a 200-pound guy. He’s the guy who turns the I-AA player into the I-A player; he turns the Ben Ijalana into a professional football player, the Matt Szczur into one of the best in the country."

VUhoops broke the news of Galac's move to the Jets on January 26, 2012.