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Jay Wright Suit Watch: New York City Media Day

A new basketball season is upon us. That means Villanova Head Coach Jay Wright will be donning some new suits for his admirers and he didn't disappoint on Wednesday's Media Day in New York City.

During Wright's stop at Fox Sports 1's "Crowd Goes Wild", the Villanova Coach gave a subliminal shout out to the website tracking what he wears.

Jay's bespoke tailor Gabriele D’Annunzio hasn't disappointed the Suit Watch Faithful, so we must continue.

Coach Wright donned a tan three-piece suit with faint pinstripes featuring a third ticket pocket. Although, a clear, up-close shot isn't available, it appears he matched it with a two-colored broadstripe shirt and paisley (perhaps floral) tie.

Noticeably absent has a pocket square; a trend we noticed last year when Coach Wright selected a lighter color suit.

Photos including his belt and shoes were not available.

So what do you think? Has Jay continued his "Best Dressed" reputation? Any new trends you'd like to see him sport?

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