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2013-14 Villanova Hoops Predictor Contest

Do you think you know how Villanova will do in the 2013-14 Season? Well, here's your opportunity to have some fun with it.

We're proud to announce the Villanova Hoops Predictor Contest for VU Hoops readers.


The person with the most points will win a $50 gift certificate to Football Fanatics.

How to Play [Official Rules]

Simply, click here to enter your selections & register (or enter in the form below). If you predict who will win a game (straight-up score), you will earn points.

Point Break Down

  • Big East games- 3
  • Syracuse- 3
  • Battle4Atlantis games- 2
  • Big 5 games- 2
  • Everything else- 1


Entries close at 12p ET on Friday, November 8th.

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