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The Sun's Arizin: Villanova Wildcats news and links for October 21, 2013

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Daily Villanova Wildcats links, today featuring Rawle Alkins, the beauty of free throws, and running dominance.

I'm back from down Georgia-way, having spent the weekend on Lake Burton for a wedding. Beautiful place if you ever have the chance to go. And I guarantee you will get car-sick at one point. Those mountains are no joke.

And yes, I saw that awful excuse for a football game on Saturday. The only solace I can give you is that I was surrounded by Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida fans while I watched. They had it much worse than us, from what I could tell.

And now, the "news.

Christ the King Star Rawle Alkins Talks Offers |
More positive news out of the Rawle Alkins camp, even though he insists he has no early leaders. Jay is putting in some good early work - who says he's abandoned NYC?!

Stock watch Big East: Villanova trending upward, Butler set for rough transition |

Unchallenged, Villanova Men Win Princeton XC Invitational | Villanova Running
I don't care if it was the Princeton 'B' squad - winning a meet with just 23 total places is crazy. Good job, men.

Villanova Recruit(s) Excel at New York XC Sectionals | Villanova Running
You PLEADED with us for Villanova running recruiting news. And while we didn't bring it to you directly, we are linking it to you. You're welcome.