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The Sun's Arizin: Villanova Wildcats news and links for October 22, 2013

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Daily Villanova Wildcats links, today featuring former QB Kirk Schulz,Aussies & the Grambling disaster.

4 more days until Hoops Mania! If you haven't seen the latest update, it looks like Mikal Bridges will be attending - although still no official word on Tim Delaney. I have to think he'll attend as well given the proximity. But what uncommitted players will turn up?

Make sure to get your final guesses in on the musical guests as well. If I see one more Villanova student peddling the Jonas Brothers on Twitter I'm going to go on the offensive.

And now, the "news.

Former QB looks back on Villanova's revived football program |
Kirk Schulz fondly recalls the days when football returned to Villanova in the mid-1980s. And MY GOD LOOKS AT THOSE UNIFORMS! CAN WE HAVE THEM BACK?!

Villanova's playoff chances tenuous |
Pretty much. The good news is that if we beat Maine this weekend at Homecoming, we are in the driver's seat for the conference title and auto-bid that comes with it. We are in the same boat as Towson was last year if we lose another game though.

Welcome to the Big East Part 2: Meet the Transfers & JUCOs | College ChalkTalk
Greg Echenique is mentioned in this article, and I can't tell you how much sadness it brings me to know that we were one year late in getting to face him again.

Villanova's Aussie Pipeline Paying Big Dividends | Villanova Running
How do you end up with the last name Williamsz? Seriously, I want to know.

Grambling's refusal to play was out of bounds |
I saw a lot of noise on Twitter yesterday about how the Grambling players were doing the right thing refusing to play. I think this narrative captures it well though. While their intentions to better the conditions are admirable, their actions are self-destructive to their own cause.