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The Sun's Arizin: Villanova Wildcats news and links for October 24, 2013

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Daily Villanova Wildcats links, today featuring football vs. the Orange, Josh Smith's eligibility, and cricket!

2 more days until Hoops Mania! But the conversation is really heating up in our Media Day post, where the 4-guard offense is being debated. Some are happy it is back, some still think we need balance in the backcourt and frontcourt to be a successful program. Head over there and raise your voices. Use caps lock even.

And now, the "news." (It was a slow day, so you're getting some weird stuff at the end.)

The sunny side and dark side of the 2014 Syracuse football schedule |
Yep, we start off with Syracuse next year (which we already knew), but the date, August 30th, is now official. My main man Brent Axe thinks it will be a walk in the park for them too. Haven't they seen John Robertson?

Josh Smith Ready to Roll | Casual Hoya
Georgetown big man reportedly cleared to play in season opener, which makes no sense given he played 6 disappointing games for UCLA last season. Hell, even Hoyas fans didn't think he would get cleared. The NCAA, where weird shit happens.

Celebrate fun, weird marching bands |
Ohio State's moonwalking marching band is an important reminder, Dan Rubenstein argues, that marching bands are awesome and should be treasured. I concur.

Lewd gestures at a cricket match: always hilarious |
Wait until about 0:35 in the video. Trust me.

Rory McIlroy helps 7-foot Yi Jianlian swing a golf club at clinic in China |
This one's for you Mike.