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Meet the Mount St. Mary's mascot, Emmit

Jay Wright's Villanova team is prepping for their game on Wednesday against Mount St. Mary's.

We'd like to prepare the 'Nova Fans for Mount St. Mary's mascot, Emmit S. Burg (the Mountaineers are located in Emmitsburg, MD... get it?).

Look at this guy. This is a true man's man...

  • Coon skin hat
  • Scruffy goatee
  • Plaid, sleeveless shirt
  • White [sleeveless] undershirt
  • Hobbies of hiking & camping

Plus, this guy is into fitness; his physique harkens images & memories of Popeye. Burg's athletic department profile lists his stats at 6'2" and 215.

This is the mascot of a university that should strike fear in their opponents.

And, he can get the women...

Emmit 30

At this moment, we are unsure if Emmit will be traveling to The Pavilion for the game.

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