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Catching Up with the 'Cats: Week 2

Tanking, trade rumors, and a HUGE HIGHLIGHT; what more could you ask for out of Villanova alumni in the NBA. We complete our weekly check in to see how the 'Cats are doing on the game's biggest stage.

Kyle Lowry drives past Birdman
Kyle Lowry drives past Birdman
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

Randy Foye


Foye continued his slugglish start from the 3-point this past week, shooting a combined 2-10 from distance this past week. His averages continue to look pretty mediocre: 10 ppg, 3 rpg and 2 apg along with a sub 10 PER in around 30 minutes per game. Nuggets fans are undoubtedly looking for more from their starting shooting guard.

Foye continues to show off some flashy passing skills though, most recently to the legend, Javale Mcgee.

A story line to watch for will be the Nuggets win-loss record. Hopefully you got a chance to watch the stars-in-the-making last night as Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, Julius Randle, and more highlighted just how much potential the current NBA Draft prospects hold. The Nuggets, off to a slow 2-4 start to the season, might be interested in claiming their piece of the talent pool.

If tanking becomes more than just a possibility, expect the Nuggets to try and see just what they have in 21 year old Evan Fournier. We'll keep an eye on Foye's minutes to see what his future might hold.

Kyle Lowry

Lowry remains a Renaissance man for the Toronto Raptors, filling the stats sheet across the board. His week was highlighted last Friday against the Pacers where he flirted with a triple-double (12 points, 8 assists, and 7 rebounds). CJ Watson should probably consult WebMD to make sure everything is healthy after this ankle-breaker.

Unfortunately, trade rumors continue to plague the former Wildcat. The Toronto Star suggests that the Raptors just get it over with. I don't think I've ever read an article that dishes out compliments in a more negative manner. You read it right, "Lowry is the pin, and the rest of the team is the grenade."

The positive spin is that they believe that Lowry is the only thing holding the Raptors together. If the franchise wises up and looks to get whatever value they can out of him before he bolts during free agency, Lowry could end up on a contender in need of point guard help. I'm thinking either the Dallas Mavericks or the Houston Rockets.

Dante Cunningham

The season continues to be a mixed bag for Dante Cunningham. After logging 30 minutes, 6 points, 7 boards, and 3 assists in a win over the Mavericks, Cunningham saw his next two game stats regress to an average of 18 minutes and 3 points. His opportunities will continue to be limited as long as the starters stay healthy, especially considering the awful play of their bench.

Maalik Wayns

Villanova's former guard continues to rehab his torn meniscus. In the meantime, he's been able to do some good ol' genuflecting.

Hoping his recovery is going as planned. Get well soon so we can see some highlights!

Maurice Sutton

Big Mo Sutton and the rest of the Tulsa 66ers are getting ready for their season debut on November 22nd against the Iowa Energy. We've managed to scrap up some tape that kind of sort of references Sutton, as he seems to fit the "good teammate, unselfish and defensive minded" players the 66ers coach references here. Feel free to take a listen if you can ignore what sounds like dishes being done in the background. Keep going for the dream Mo! We're rooting for ya.

Corey Stokes

Hat tip to Brian for pointing out that we have another member to add to our NBA Watch List. Villanova Alumnus Corey Stokes finds himself on the Maine Red Claws this season in the D-League. We'll check in on him weekly to see how many three-pointers he rained down on opponents.