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Villanova Hoops Predictor Analytics

136 VU Hoops readers have submitted their selections of game winners for each of Villanova's regular season games in the 2013-14 season. After some downtime, I was able to look at the numbers and put some crunch into them.

The results are clear- in the Hoops Season Predictor, Villanova fans have high expectations.

Although readers got some insight into this sentiment in the "Define a successful season for THIS Villanova Basketball team" poll where over 95% of readers are expecting a trip to the NCAA Tournament. The average Villanova season from our entries will see the Wildcats tallying 22.36 wins.

On to the numbers...

As a note, 20 games were submitted without a winner...

Highest Confidence

most entries...

  • 100% Penn, 136
  • 100% Seton Hall, (135-0)
  • 99.3% Lafayette, (135-1)
  • 99.3% Mount St. Mary's, (135-1)
  • 99.3% Rider, (135-1)

Lowest Confidence

fewest entries ...

  • 6.6% Kansas/Wake Forest, 9
  • 8.0% @ Syracuse, 11
  • 13.9% @ Marquette, 19
  • 19.7% @ Georgetown, 27
  • 23.4% @ Creighton, 32

    Leading Scorer

What do you think? Are the Hoops Predictors on target or way off base?

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