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Undefeated Update: Sunday, November 24

Another ten bite the dust. Villanova will ensure four more days of safety with a win over Lafayette today.


You win some, you lose some. At least, everyone else does.

Ten teams suffered their first loss of the season on Saturday. That brings the total down to 105 from 115. 56 men's teams and 49 women's teams remain.

Only 15 schools have undefeated men's and women's teams. They are: Louisville, UConn, Syracuse, Baylor, Iowa State, Oklahoma State, Purdue, Eastern Michigan, Utah State, Texas A+M, Arkansas, Missouri, Saint Mary's, San Diego, and your very own Villanova University WiIdcats. It's some pretty good company.

Many big-name teams lost yesterday. Among the major names are the Texas women, who lost to Stanford; the Oklahoma men, who fell to Michigan State; and Mississippi State, who lost to Utah State. Tulane and George Mason's men's teams took the first L of the year, as did the women of Incarnate Word, American, UCF, Florida Gulf Coast, and Abilene Christian.

Notably, Villanova is the only Big East school with both teams undefeated. Eight of the schools have one team undefeated. The two sucky teams? Seton Hall and Georgetown. Hoya Suxa.

"Enough with the numbers!"

Sorry, I'm a math major. Can't help it. Here's a listing for some of the important games involving undefeated teams today (undefeated teams are in all caps)...

  • North Carolina vs. LOUISVILLE at the Hall of Fame Tip-Off Tourney in CT. Defending champs looking to go to 6-0.
  • HARVARD at Colorado. 4-0 Crimson travel to the 5-1 Buffaloes. The Pac-12 will be tough this year, and both teams could easily be NCAA Tournament-bound.
  • SAM HOUSTON STATE vs. TEXAS A+M. Everything's bigger in Texas, especially the win-loss records. Side note: Sam Houston's mascot is the Bearkats. With a K. Carry on.
  • UMASS at CLEMSON: Another matchup of undefeateds, which is a word I just invented. The Minutemen took down a ranked New Mexico team earlier in the weekend.
  • PROVIDENCE vs. La Salle. This is a key matchup that may help us learn about the strength of the Big 5 and Big East this year. We already saw Creighton-St. Joe's was exciting, and this is an up-and-coming Friars team.

And for some notable women's games...

  • MAINE at SYRACUSE. Multiple teams without a loss. And I'd love to see 'Cuse lose before us.
  • FLORIDA STATE at LOUISVILLE. Both Cardinal teams are ranked in the top 5 after their incredible runs last year.
  • DUKE at MARQUETTE. The Golden Eagles are around the same caliber-team as Villanova, so it'll be interesting to see how they fare against a No. 2 ranked Blue Devil team.
But by far, what you should keep your eyes peeled for is the Villanova-Lafayette battle at 2:00 today. It's at the Pavilion, so if you're in the area, I highly recommend you check out the game. If you don't think our team is good, well, last year they got closer to an NCAA tournament win than the men's team did. And they had the best turnover rate in the ENTIRE NATION. Also, they make 3-pointers. A lot of them.

Hopefully we'll survive and advance to Turkey Day with two unblemished records. Stay tuned!

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